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Areas, an international brand of the PAI Partners Group and worldwide number 3 in the field of travel catering, operates over 2.000 sales outles in 13 countries such as Europe, the U.S., Mexico and Chile.

In Germany Areas operates motorway service stations. motorway hotels, shops at shopping centers, train stations and airports, as well as the gastronomic offer at Center Parcs Germany.

The Support Center is located in Cologne Mülheim.

No. 1
in France and Spain

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Do you have questions?

We have already put together the most important information about your application and your job here:

Questions about your application:

How can I apply?

It is best to apply for one of the open positions online at:

What should my application include?

In a cover letter you should briefly explain which position you are applying for and why you would like to work at Areas. A brief introduction to yourself fits in well here. In a tabular curriculum vitae with a picture of you, you provide a brief overview of the most important points: the way to school, training and certifications complete your application portfolio.

I have already applied to Areas. How long do I have to wait for a response?

We process your application as quickly as possible - but we ask for your understanding if it takes a few days.

Who do I conduct my interview with?

You conduct your job interview with your future supervisor, so you can get your first personal impressions of each other.

Can I apply without a school graduation/ apprenticeship certificate?

Of course, a school graduation and apprenticeship certificate would be an advantage. Nevertheless, what counts for us is the passion and commitment to the job of host.

Questions about your job:

How old do I have to be to work for Areas?

In principle, you can work for Areas at the age of 15 if you have completed your compulsory full-time schooling (9-10 years depending on each federal state).

Do I need an instruction according to the Infection Protection Act (health certificate)?

Hygiene is very important in gastronomy. That's why you need a health certificate to work at Areas. The initial instruction is given by the health department. You can find information about this on the homepage of the health department.

Is there a trial work day?

After the successfully completed interview, you can be invited to a trial work day.

How does my first day at work look like?

At the beginning your supervisor, whom you already met at your interview, will show you the outlet. You will get to know your team and your workplace. Then you will gradually be introduced to your tasks and gain your first experience in the company

Can I choose a location?

Yes. You are appling for an open position in your choosen location.

What happens if I am sick?

Please inform your shift or team leader as early as possible that you are unable to work so that a substitute can be assigned. Through submitting your medical certificate your continued payment from Areas will be guaranteed.

How much do I earn at Areas?

At Areas you will be rewarded based on tasks and experience.

Are there any surcharges or bonuses?

For night, public holiday and Sunday work, you receive the legally prescribed surcharges.

Do you also offer holiday jobs, student jobs or internships?

If you want to earn some extra money during your vacation or gain your first experience in the catering industry, various locations offer vacation jobs and internships for which you are welcome to apply.

What working hours can I expect?

In a full-time position you work max. 40 hours a week. In some locations, people work in shifts, that means that you have changing working hours. You will be informed about these in time. If you want to work as student, intern or part-time employee less hours can be agreed.

How long is the trial period?

The trial period is 6 months.

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